Decrease Downtime, Increase Productivity


Our mission is to save your company money on tooling, workforce and machine maintenance by closely monitoring current jobs, productivity and tool life. Our software allows you real time supervision from home, meetings and wherever you’re needed. Unnecessary costs associated with broken tools and machine maintenance will no longer be a burden you face, as our software alerts you and/or the proper departments of any errors and end of tool life.


Our goal at ShopWolves is to deliver a system that alleviates some of the biggest burdens shop owners face. We provide you with peace of mind knowing that you have access to your shop from anywhere your busy life takes you. Our real time monitoring software receives information from your machines and gives you detailed information about job times, tool usage, alarms and overrides. By using live data and reporting, shop managers are able to gain insight into the efficiency of all operators, both individually and by shift. This allows you to evaluate productivity and identify any areas of concern. Customizable alert notifications provide immediate messages about necessary machine maintenance, end of tool life, errors and more. The software sends alerts to the departments or employees you determine are appropriate, cutting down on machine downtime and associated costs. Not only does our software save valuable time, it can save you thousands of dollars in unnecessary costs associated with machine downtime, repair costs and tooling.