Thank You For Visiting With Us At

Thank You For Visiting With Us At

Who we are

ShopWolves Software started out as an idea to track tooling only. In my fifteen years in the granite industry, this was the biggest hurdle we faced. I first introduced the idea at the Coverings Show in Orlando, Florida, in the beginning of 2017. I had major interest from the Stone and the Glass Industries as well as shop owners across the world, but there were other hurdles to jump and problems to provide solutions to. I have spent the last year working long and hard on adding to the original idea and making our software easy to use, accessible and affordable for every shop. We are very proud to announce the FIRST software that simultaneously tracks Tooling, Machine Activity and Operator Activity, among other things.


What we’re about

Shopwolves Software provides you with an easy to use Suite that tracks three important and necessary actions; Tooling, Machinery and Operator activity.

Tracking your tooling allows you to save thousands on annual tool costs by notifying the proper personnel via email and/or text regarding your current tool linear footage as well as suggesting when specific tools should be bumped, dressed and replaced. These levels are designated by you but we provide default settings for you to use as a guideline. By being in charge of your tools, you are able to eliminate the waste of premature replacement at the same time that you are able to decrease mistakes and unsatisfactory edge details by running them too long. This will result in sending far less jobs back for revision and allowing your operators to keep a steady move on upcoming jobs.

We track everything about your Machine(s) from job start to job finish. Here, we also provide alerts to the personnel you deem necessary by sending critical machine warnings. This allows your Managers instant knowledge of a critical situation such as Emergency Stop or Overloads so they can assist the Operator in need and cut down on wasted time. We track machine activity by the second and provide easy to understand graphs and charts that will help you to review and compare machine use and linear footage over any length of time. This allows you to get the most out of every machine you own. It can also assist you in decreasing cost of repair and even help your repair man diagnose certain problems by having insight into your machine activity.

Lastly, ShopWolves Software boasts extensive observation into your Operator Activity. You or your Operators are able to adjust which machine they are using at any given time in a matter of seconds with our Live Dashboard. Whether your shop has one shift or three, we will automatically update your shift credits by the times you set. Use our software as a performance review tool. We allow you to understand which Operators are excelling or out-performing others compared to which Operators are just getting by or are possibly just not right for the job.  This will help you to set an appropriate pay scale. For the Operators that are exceeding expectations, you could offer a bonus program or merit-based program that rewards knowledge and hard work and provides them with much needed recognition which would in turn motivate your work force. For Operators who are under-performing, you can discern if additional training is needed, bring their pay equal to the proportion of work they are completing for you or simply send them down the road.


Why choose us over others

While we have an amazing finished product that we can offer you now, we will never be done. We are always researching, learning, updating and adding. Our vision for ShopWolves Software is to be the “One Stop Serves All” program that every shop wants, needs and receives at a reasonable rate. Additionally, we are not a universal solution to the problem. We focus on tailoring our software to granite and glass alone so that we can provide extensive expertise towards these industries. While many other existing programs use the open-source MT connect software for machine tracking ONLY, we use MT connect for machining but provide other software solutions that allow you to track everything else above- Tooling, Operator Activity, Proprietary Algorithms for Linear Footage and more. Also, at ShopWolves Software, we’ll tell you exactly which Job Name is in which department of your shop at any given time and all of the stages it has already cleared. With this, you are able to provide your customer real time data about where their specific job is at and determine if less or more time is needed before the installation process can be completed. Not to mention our price point. If you’ve done your research, you know that we are listing a respectable price for the abundance of opportunity you will gain by partnering with ShopWolves Software.


What partnering with us will entail

Set up is easy. You choose how many machines you would like to enroll in our software. After knowing of your interest, speaking with you and confirming the purchase, we will provide you with a key that includes all of the connection information. This will leave you with a total set up time of fifteen minutes. Of course we are always here to help and you will be able to contact us directly. In the rare occasion that your shop needs to be set up by us if you are unable to procure our software on your own, we are more than willing to do so for the additional cost of travel.



We were very proud to launch the long awaited finished product “ShopWolves Software” at TISE in Las Vegas in January 2018. We would love to answer any questions you may have about us or about our software. We are also very interested in any other problems that need solutions in the granite/glass industry. We are always researching new add-ons to this software and will seriously consider any suggestions you may have for us! Please use the CONTACT US tab at the top of this page to get in touch with us if you have questions or suggestions. Should you be interested in seeing our software in motion please see the LIVE DEMO tab and don’t forget to watch our VIDEO! When you are interested in purchasing our software please contact us via phone or email. We look forward to providing you with the necessary tools to help your shop run more efficiently and more effectively than ever before! 


–Marcus Scoggin 


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